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Differences Between DuMuX 2.10 and DuMuX 2.11
- DuMuX 2.11 is expected to run based on Dune 2.4.1, 2.5 and the Dune
master. We will try to keep the compatibility with the Dune master
as long as it is technically feasible and our resources allow it. If
you want to use Dumux multidomain models, you have to stick with the
Dune 2.4 core and specific versions of other modules, see
`test/multidomain/README` for details.
- DuMux 2.11 requires at least GCC 4.9 or Clang 3.5 in their C++-14 mode.
- For employing corner-point grids by means of opm-grid (former
dune-cornerpoint), the OPM release 2016.04 has to be used.
* IMMEDIATE INTERFACE CHANGES not allowing/requiring a deprecation period:
* Deprecated PROPERTY and PARAMETER NAMES, to be removed after 2.11: BEWARE: The
compiler will not print any warning if a deprecated property or parameter name
is used. If possible, a run-time warning will appear in the summary lines
after the corresponding run.
* Deprecated CLASSES/FILES, to be removed after 2.11:
* Deprecated MEMBER FUNCTIONS, to be removed after 2.11:
* DELETED classes/files, property names, constants/enums,
member functions, which have been deprecated in DuMuX 2.10:
- Everything listed as deprecated below has been removed.
Differences Between DuMuX 2.9 and DuMuX 2.10
......@@ -30,7 +64,7 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 2.9 and DuMuX 2.10
This tool can be installed using the `bin/` script.
If cmake does not find gstat, one has to specify the GSTAT_ROOT variable,
see the standard optim.opts or debug.opts.
- The multidomain models should now run with all compilers without
segfaults, both with optimization and debug options.
## This file should be placed in the root directory of your project.
## Then modify the CMakeLists.txt file in the root directory of your
## project to incorporate the testing dashboard.
## # The following are required to uses Dart and the Cdash dashboard
set(CTEST_DROP_LOCATION "/submit.php?project=DuMuX")
Module: dumux
Version: 2.10-git
Version: 2.11-git
Depends: dune-common (>= 2.4.1) dune-grid (>= 2.4) dune-localfunctions (>= 2.4) dune-istl (>= 2.4)
Suggests: dune-alugrid (>=2.4) dune-pdelab (>=2.0) dune-multidomain dune-foamgrid (>=2.4) opm-grid
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