Commit ec015117 authored by Martin Schneider's avatar Martin Schneider
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[metadata] Add further GridView information

parent 7a237a0d
......@@ -143,9 +143,13 @@ template<class Collector, class GridGeometry>
auto collectMetaData(Collector& collector, const GridGeometry& gg, bool hideTemplates = true)
-> typename std::enable_if_t<decltype(isValid(Detail::isGridGeometry())(gg))::value, void>
using GridView = typename GridGeometry::GridView;
auto& obj = collector["GridGeometry"];
obj["Type"] = Metadata::className(gg, hideTemplates);
obj["GridView"]["Type"] = Metadata::className(gg.gridView(), hideTemplates);
obj["GridView"]["dimension"] = GridView::dimension;
obj["GridView"]["dimensionWorld"] = GridView::dimensionworld;
obj["GridView"]["Grid"]["Type"] = Metadata::className(gg.gridView().grid(), hideTemplates);
obj["IsPeriodic"] = gg.isPeriodic();
obj["DiscretisationMethod"] = toString(GridGeometry::discMethod);
obj["MaxElementStencilSize"] = GridGeometry::maxElementStencilSize;
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