Commit ec03d839 authored by Melanie Lipp's avatar Melanie Lipp

[doc][doxygen] Correct parameters.

parent 5af6ea49
......@@ -320,9 +320,8 @@ auto createPVNameFunction(const std::string& paramGroup = "")
* \brief load a solution vector from file
* \note Supports the following file extensions: *.vtu *.vtp *.pvtu, *.pvtp
* \param sol the solution vector to read from file
* \param loadedSolutionSize the dimension of the loaded solution's primary variables
* \param fileName the file name of the file to read from
* \param pvNameFunc a function with the signature std::string(int pvIdx)
* \param targetPvNameFunc a function with the signature std::string(int pvIdx)
* in case the primary variables have a state the signature is std::string(int pvIdx, int state)
* \param gridGeometry the grid geometry of the discretization method used
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