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......@@ -281,6 +281,17 @@ and some more libraries and tools which are prerequisites for their use.
of choice for simulating structures such as foams, discrete fracture networks,
or network flow problems.
Download: \url{}
\item \textbf{opm-grid}: opm-grid is a DUNE module supporting grids in a corner-point format.
Download: \url{}
\item \textbf{dune-subgrid}: The dune-subgrid module allows to mark elements of another hierarchical dune grid.
The set of marked elements can then be accessed as a hierarchical dune grid in its own right.
Dune-Subgrid provides the full grid interface including adaptive mesh refinement.
Download: \url{}
\item \textbf{dune-spgrid}: The DUNE module dune-spgrid provides a structured, parallel grid.
Download: \url{}
\item \textbf{SuperLU}: External library for solving linear equations. SuperLU is a general purpose
library for the direct solution of large, sparse, non-symmetric systems of linear equations.
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