Commit fc882257 authored by Simon Emmert's avatar Simon Emmert
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Merge branch 'fix/fickslaw-maincomponentindex' into 'master'

Use main component index instead of phase index in the box version of Fick's law.

See merge request !1710
parents b4a2a64c fb8b7e38
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ public:
// compute the diffusive flux
componentFlux[compIdx] = -1.0*rho*vtmv(scvf.unitOuterNormal(), D, gradX)*scvf.area();
if (BalanceEqOpts::mainComponentIsBalanced(phaseIdx) && !FluidSystem::isTracerFluidSystem())
componentFlux[phaseIdx] -= componentFlux[compIdx];
componentFlux[FluidSystem::getMainComponent(phaseIdx)] -= componentFlux[compIdx];
return componentFlux;
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