Commit fd65bf3b authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[bugfix][test] Make indices constexpr

parent 8f54913a
......@@ -96,9 +96,9 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) try
// the multidomain traits and some indices
using Traits = typename TestTraits::MDTraits;
static const auto bulkId = Traits::template SubDomain<0>::Index{};
static const auto facetId = Traits::template SubDomain<1>::Index{};
static const auto edgeId = Traits::template SubDomain<2>::Index{};
constexpr auto bulkId = Traits::template SubDomain<0>::Index{};
constexpr auto facetId = Traits::template SubDomain<1>::Index{};
constexpr auto edgeId = Traits::template SubDomain<2>::Index{};
// try to create a grid (from the given grid file or the input file)
FacetCouplingGridManager<Traits::template SubDomain<bulkId>::Grid,
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