Commit fe7c9404 authored by Dennis Gläser's avatar Dennis Gläser Committed by Martin Schneider
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[test][stokesdarcy][bj] lower expected conv rate

parent 7d282888
......@@ -62,6 +62,8 @@ dune_add_test(NAME test_md_boundary_darcy1pbox_stokes1p_convtest_bj
CMD_ARGS -e test_md_boundary_darcy1pbox_freeflow1p_convtest
-i params.input
-c Cao
--expectedpressurerate 0.9
--expectedvelocityrate 0.9
-Problem.SlipCondition BJ
-Darcy.SpatialParams.Permeability "1.0 1.0 0.0"
-Darcy.SpatialParams.AlphaBeaversJoseph -1
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