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    • Bernd Flemisch's avatar
      [io][gmsh][uggrid] fix reading a Gmsh file into a parallel UGGrid · 8728f7f9
      Bernd Flemisch authored
      Depending on the Dune version, the boundary markers are present on
      all processes (<= 2.6) or on the root process only (>= 2.7). Try to
      handle this in a flexible way in the corresponding data handle:
      Determine if the minimum size over all processes of the boundary
      markers vector is zero. If yes, assume that the root process contains
      all markers and broadcast them.
      Currently, it isn't possible to refine a parallel UGGrid that has
      been read by a GmshReader, see dune-grid issue #83. Therefore, don't
      refine in the corresponding test.
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    • Timo Koch's avatar
      [io][gridmanager] Implement grid manager and grid data classes without singleton · 82be40dc
      Timo Koch authored
      Implement a grid manager class that creates grids and a grid data object. The new class
      is no longer a singleton. It is instantiated by the user. It is possible to get a
      shared_ptr to the grid data to pass it on to e.g. problem / spatial parameter classes.
      * No longer sets the overlap automatically (overlap to be checked by the grid geometry)
      * Does not depend on discretization method or TypeTag anymore
      Joint work with Kilian Weishaupt <kilian.weishaupt@iws.uni-stuttgart.de>