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      [swe][frictionlaws] Make FrictionLaw a runtime parameter · b77f014e
      Martin Utz authored
      Also some of the smaller suggestions of the review process are
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      [swe][frictionlaws] Include some small changes · 33f0c477
      Martin Utz authored
      - use std::array instead of std::vector.
      - In general manningN is a spatial parameter, so put it there, even
        if it is a constant in the rough channel test.
      - Rename the water depth from h to waterDepth.
      - Fix the dambreak test, which was incidentially broken by the work on thei
        rouch channel test.
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      [swe][frictionlaws] Add a friction law test · 0468997f
      Martin Utz authored
      The test provides a simple channel flow based on the friction law after
      Manning. Normal flow is assumed, therefore the formular after Gaukler,
      Manning and Strickler can be used to get an analytic solution.
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