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    • Martin Beck's avatar
      [effectivepermeabilityrutqvisttsang] Got rid of dim as template parameter · e9525909
      Martin Beck authored
      The type of effectivePermeability is auto instead of a FieldMatrix. This
      is more flexible and does not require dim as a template parameter.
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      [effectivepermeabilityrutqvisttsang] Outsourced permeability calculation · 91d66f10
      Martin Beck authored
      Reviewed by heck
      Instead of calculating it in the local residual, the effective permeability
      is now calculated within a new file permeabilityrutqvisttsang.hh in the
      folder dumux/material/fluidmatrixinteractions.
      This is just one possible effective permeability model. Several others can be
      added and set via the property EffectivePermeabilityModel.
      Up to now, the permeabilities were averaged twice, first by calculating
      the mean of the mean of the intrinsic permeabilities in the flux variables
      and later by averaging the effective permeabilities in the local residual.
      This is redundant. Now, only the mean of the effective permeability is
      calculated in the local residual.
      This change required to change the reference files for the sequential and
      the parallel test.
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    • Bernd Flemisch's avatar
      Merge branch 'regulPartPress-3p3c' into 'master' · 7a3e7297
      Bernd Flemisch authored
      I introduced a regularization for the calculation of partial pressures.
      This is necessary to fix a problem that occured in Taraneh's flumevegas3p3cni example
      See merge request !154
    • Bernd Flemisch's avatar
      Merge branch 'feature/intersect-bboxtrees' into 'master' · f8421cf3
      Bernd Flemisch authored
      Feature/intersect bboxtrees
      Add the ability to bounding box trees to intersect with other bounding box trees.
      Add a test in `dumux/common/boundingboxtree/` testing BBoxTree construction, pointIntersection, treeIntersection.
      The result is a vector of `BoundingBoxIntersections`. They contain a first and a second element index
      of the respective first and second boundingBoxTree and the corners in global coordinates of the intersection geometry.
      This implements only intersection of 3D with 1D elements. However it is possible to add other geometries by implementing the `GeometryCollision` class for e.g. 2D with 1D elements or 3D with 2D elements.
      Merging this branch would remove the dependency on `dune-grid-glue` in `dumux-multidimension`.
      It is also a step towards better well models where wells are actually one-dimensional domains intersecting
      with the bulk grid cells.
      * [x] Better documentation
      See merge request !146
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