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  8. 23 Nov, 2016 4 commits
    • Timo Koch's avatar
      [box] Optimize box fv geometry · 4ce237bb
      Timo Koch authored
      * Use static arrays and resize vectors before usage
      * Make scv/scvf default constructible
      * Remove unused elementMap
      * Remark: Geomtryhelper only implemented for 2d for now!
    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      make subcontrolvolume entities base classes simple interfaces · eb258652
      Dennis Gläser authored and Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch committed
      The scv and scvf base classes now get the actual implementation
      as a template parameter and serve as an interface for scv and scvf
      implementations. Furthermore, the box scv and scvf does not store a geometry
      anymore, but only the corner points. The geometry is built on the fly if requested.
      The BoxGeometryHelper is adjusted to this new concept, as well as the global and
      (cherry picked from commit 8b55b5d6db4414e57072ed05b8903a5ec49b0ee5)
    • Timo Koch's avatar
      [fvGeometry] introduce global-local-bind concept · 4056c771
      Timo Koch authored
      The global object can create an empty temporary local object that
      can be bound to an element/stencil. This is closer to the
      current dumux-stable implementation and still allows to switch
      between global caching (for smaller problems where memory is not an issue)
      and local caching (variables are precomputed for each element assemble temporarily)
      Works for cc and box (in 2d). Box needs some performance improvement,
      probably when creating the box geometries. But also other parts
      might be possbile to optimize.
    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      introduce discretization folder · 7f50b009
      Dennis Gläser authored and Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch committed
      A new folder named discretization is introduced on the /dumux level.
      In this folder there are all the geometry classes as well as vol vars, flux var cache
      and physical laws (darcy, fick etc), since they could be possibly reused in decoupled
      models and are not restricted to implicit models. NOTE: The fluxvariables and the flux
      variables cache are still in the folder /porousmediumflow/implicit/. It is to be discussed
      whether or not they should be moved into the discretization folder as well.
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    • Kilian Weishaupt's avatar
      [brine] · d950a7d7
      Kilian Weishaupt authored and Thomas Fetzer's avatar Thomas Fetzer committed
      *Remove class BrineVarsalinity: Class Brine is now more general
      *Add some properties to component NaCl
      *Do some cleanup in BrineAir fluidsystem
  13. 03 Nov, 2015 1 commit
  14. 30 Jul, 2015 2 commits
    • Vishal Jambhekar's avatar
      Updated necessory files for 2pncmin model (Reviewed by Fetzer). · 6209fad8
      Vishal Jambhekar authored
      - Units in the fluidsystem/brinevariablesalinity and components/nacl checked. Additional commented units removed.
      - Commented cout statements removed from computefromfugacities2pncmin, computefromreferencephase2pnc and miscible2pnccomposition
      - The ccommented out removed from problem file and input file corrected.
      - The test case is checked for both debug and optim model with clang compiler.
      git-svn-id: svn://svn.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/DUMUX/dumux/trunk@15203 2fb0f335-1f38-0410-981e-8018bf24f1b0
    • Vishal Jambhekar's avatar
      New test case for 2pncmin model added to dumux/test. For this following... · 6cd659ae
      Vishal Jambhekar authored
      New test case for 2pncmin model added to dumux/test. For this following additional files are needed (Reviewde by Johannes)
      - For variation of salinity in brine the needed constitutive relations are implemented in components brine_VerSalinity.hh and nacl.hh
      - Additional constraint solvers (compositionfromfugacities2pncmin and computefromreferencephase2pncmin) are needed, specially for the case nPhaseOnly
      - Additional constraint solvers (computefromreferencephase2pnc and miscible2pnccomposition) are needed for 2pnc cases in general.
      - Fluidsystem brineairfluidsystem is updated
      - Binerycoefficient file for brine_air case is included. 
      - A test case for 2pncmin model is included for flusiong of precipitated salt in gas reserviors. The includes corresponding problem file, spatial parameters file, input file and *.cc file.
      - For this the CMakeLists.txt is also updated.
      - A reference solution 2pncmin test case "injectionbox2pncmin-reference" is included to test/references folder
      git-svn-id: svn://svn.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/DUMUX/dumux/trunk@15196 2fb0f335-1f38-0410-981e-8018bf24f1b0