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      [mpfa] do not do neumann flux scaling · 0f598cd0
      Dennis Gläser authored
      For non-zero neumann boundary conditions we did a scaling to recover
      DgradU at the boundary from the prescribed flux. We don't do this anymore
      and assume that when the UseTpfaBoundary property is set to false, that the
      user provides -DgradU at the boundary instead of, e.g., mass fluxes.
  6. 02 Dec, 2016 1 commit
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      [mpfa] fix some bugs for 2d grids in 3d · fb08e150
      Dennis Gläser authored
      The function to make the indices unique in the local sub-control entity seeds
      was buggy and led to wrong outside scv faces in the assembly of the local matrices.
      Furthermore, calling scvfTouchesBranchingPoint() for grids with dim = dimWorld would have led
      to a segmentation fault.
      Also, in the interaction volume, when getting the transmissibilities, we always have to compute them
      again when coming from the outside face, as the normal vector of the outside face can always be different to
      that of the inside face, even when not on a branching point.
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