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    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      introduce new type tag structure · afe3b361
      Dennis Gläser authored
      we now have the following levels of type tags:
      - basic numerical model
      - linear solver type tag
      - discretization scheme-specific type tag
      - physics-related type tag (e.g. pmflow)
      - problem-specific type tag
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    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      remove stencil concept · 7e084f4a
      Dennis Gläser authored
      The stencils are no longer used. Instead, we make use of the assembly map
      in cc models, where needed. For the box method the stencils concept was not
      necessary anyway.
  15. 23 Nov, 2016 8 commits
    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      [discretization] Remove DiscretizationMethods property. Use aliases. · d060df58
      Dennis Gläser authored and Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch committed
      The DiscretizationMethods property is substituted by an enum
      listing all the available methods. Using aliases to simplify
      specializations of the method-specific classes.
      (cherry picked from commit bf2d9555d79e428bc476bd7cab38d46d3547334e)
    • Timo Koch's avatar
    • Timo Koch's avatar
      [volvars] Reimplement local elementvolvars for 1pcc 1pbox · 35c3b1f6
      Timo Koch authored
      There are a restriction of the global vector obtained
      by a localView call and then bound to an element.
    • Timo Koch's avatar
      [fvGeometry] introduce global-local-bind concept · 4056c771
      Timo Koch authored
      The global object can create an empty temporary local object that
      can be bound to an element/stencil. This is closer to the
      current dumux-stable implementation and still allows to switch
      between global caching (for smaller problems where memory is not an issue)
      and local caching (variables are precomputed for each element assemble temporarily)
      Works for cc and box (in 2d). Box needs some performance improvement,
      probably when creating the box geometries. But also other parts
      might be possbile to optimize.
    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      introduce discretization folder · 7f50b009
      Dennis Gläser authored and Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch committed
      A new folder named discretization is introduced on the /dumux level.
      In this folder there are all the geometry classes as well as vol vars, flux var cache
      and physical laws (darcy, fick etc), since they could be possibly reused in decoupled
      models and are not restricted to implicit models. NOTE: The fluxvariables and the flux
      variables cache are still in the folder /porousmediumflow/implicit/. It is to be discussed
      whether or not they should be moved into the discretization folder as well.
    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      [box] set newly introduced property defaults · 48df93e1
      Dennis Gläser authored and Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch committed
    • Dennis Gläser's avatar
      [implicit] introduce flags for discretization method · 7d31b393
      Dennis Gläser authored and Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch committed
      Each discretization method (Box, CCTpfa, Mpfa etc) now has a corresponding
      flag which is set as a property. This allows a specialization of the used
      constitutive laws for the different methods. For a model it is thus no longer
      necessary to define additional typetags for the different discretization methods.
      On the problem level one can simply derive from the discretization method's typetag
      and the model type tag. Additional method-dependend classes are automatically set via
      the DiscretizationMethod property in the form of template specializations
    • Timo Koch's avatar
      [box] Implement box assembly · 1f0ebf17
      Timo Koch authored
      * Box local residual
      * Darcy and Fickean flux vars
  16. 26 Jul, 2016 1 commit
    • Bernd Flemisch's avatar
      remove superfluous `Dumux::` qualifiers · 35bf6f1d
      Bernd Flemisch authored
      Everything in our .hh files is defined within the namespace `Dumux`.
      There were numerous occurrences of `Dumux::` qualifiers that were
      unnecessary. Remove those occurrences. Necessary qualifications
      remain, such as `typedef Dumux::H2O<Scalar> H2O;`.
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