1. 04 May, 2022 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'fix/grid-geom-thread-safe' into 'master' · cefb6a43
      Dennis Gläser authored
      [bugfix][gridgeometry] Always construct bboxtree and element map
      Closes #1151
      See merge request !3095
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      [bugfix][gridgeometry] Always construct bboxtree and element map · e23967f7
      Timo Koch authored
      A thread-safe implementation with double-checked lock needs atomic load/store
      operations to update the pointer to be thread-safe. Alternatively, a lock
      has to be acquired every time when the function is called. Both implementations
      impair the scalability of the multihreaded assembly (in the case of tpfa, or
      any simulation that uses element maps or bounding box tree on an element level).
      This changes the beahviour to always build the tree and the element map. This
      usually occurs little runtime overhead in cases where the features are unused.
      It is the most performant version as soon as one of the features is used.
      There is however some memory overhead in the order of one or more ints per
      element (seeds) and a bounding box hierarchy.
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