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      [brine] · d950a7d7
      Kilian Weishaupt authored and Thomas Fetzer's avatar Thomas Fetzer committed
      *Remove class BrineVarsalinity: Class Brine is now more general
      *Add some properties to component NaCl
      *Do some cleanup in BrineAir fluidsystem
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  11. 30 Jul, 2015 2 commits
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      Updated necessory files for 2pncmin model (Reviewed by Fetzer). · 6209fad8
      Vishal Jambhekar authored
      - Units in the fluidsystem/brinevariablesalinity and components/nacl checked. Additional commented units removed.
      - Commented cout statements removed from computefromfugacities2pncmin, computefromreferencephase2pnc and miscible2pnccomposition
      - The ccommented out removed from problem file and input file corrected.
      - The test case is checked for both debug and optim model with clang compiler.
      git-svn-id: svn://svn.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/DUMUX/dumux/trunk@15203 2fb0f335-1f38-0410-981e-8018bf24f1b0
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      New test case for 2pncmin model added to dumux/test. For this following... · 6cd659ae
      Vishal Jambhekar authored
      New test case for 2pncmin model added to dumux/test. For this following additional files are needed (Reviewde by Johannes)
      - For variation of salinity in brine the needed constitutive relations are implemented in components brine_VerSalinity.hh and nacl.hh
      - Additional constraint solvers (compositionfromfugacities2pncmin and computefromreferencephase2pncmin) are needed, specially for the case nPhaseOnly
      - Additional constraint solvers (computefromreferencephase2pnc and miscible2pnccomposition) are needed for 2pnc cases in general.
      - Fluidsystem brineairfluidsystem is updated
      - Binerycoefficient file for brine_air case is included. 
      - A test case for 2pncmin model is included for flusiong of precipitated salt in gas reserviors. The includes corresponding problem file, spatial parameters file, input file and *.cc file.
      - For this the CMakeLists.txt is also updated.
      - A reference solution 2pncmin test case "injectionbox2pncmin-reference" is included to test/references folder
      git-svn-id: svn://svn.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/DUMUX/dumux/trunk@15196 2fb0f335-1f38-0410-981e-8018bf24f1b0