1. 17 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      [feature/el2pdecoupled] Fixed stress also for CC, option for heterogeneous spatial params · c76fe90f
      Martin Beck authored
      Got rid of unnecessary scvIdx Loop
      Calculate bulk modulus from lamda and mu
      Mechanics part works for both CC and Box in the transport problem
      Distinction in the model and the localoperator made using
      PROBLEM_IS_CC in the cc-file
      spatialparams adapted so different properties can be set for
      caprock and fault
      MaterialLaw can be plotted
  5. 07 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      [feature/el2pdecoupled] Matching one phase scenario with Antonio · 1808bbce
      Martin Beck authored
      Changes to make results match with Antonio/TOUGH2
      Option to change wetting/nonwetting in the input file
      Option to use of pore compr./fixed stress in the input file
      Option to change CC/Box in cc file
      First adaptions for a matching CO2 test case (tables containing Ant)
  6. 26 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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  8. 27 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      [feature/el2pdecoupled] Fixed stress implementation, some adaption based · ebb7357f
      Martin Beck authored
      on communication with Jonny
      2pelementvolumevariables.hh: Contains fixed stress approach calculating an
      effective porosity difference
      In addition, there are two version for box and cc
      2pvolumevariables: No need to define effPorosity_, as this is done in the
      2pfluxvariables.hh: Changed porosity law (after talking to Jonny)
      nonlinear/newtoncontroller.hh: Finer line search for 2p-fixed stress
      nonlinear/newtonmethod.hh: Store last Solution uLastIter
      model.hh: Changed porosity law (after talking to Jonny)
      elementvolumevariables.hh: Changed porosity law, renamed scvCenter to scvCenterGlobal
      localoperator:hh numScv from fvGeometry.numScv; and not from eg.entity().subEntities(dim),
      made further adaption necessary
      el2p/newtoncontroller.hh: Possibility to use a damped update
      el2p/basemodel.hh: Include storing the last iteration to be able to compare the
      change between iterations
      implicit/model.hh: Function to return uLastIter
      2pmodel.hh: vtu files contain porosity now
      2plocalresidual.hh: No changes, just different output to the screen
      fluxvariables.hh: Renamed from ElTwoPFluxVariables to DecoupledElasticFluxVariables
      propertydefaults.hh: Renamed too
      decoupled2pproblem.hh: Minor changes, use same time descritisation as Jonny
      decoupledelasticproblem.hh: Minor changes, use same time descritisation as Jonny
      decoupled2pspatialparams.hh: Defined different spatialparams for fault and
      matrix (as in the elastic part), introduced pore compressibility
      decoupledelastic2pproblem.hh: Fixed stress architecture instead of damping
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