Merge branch 'fix/angeli_postTimeStep' into 'master'

Merged Timo Koch requested to merge cherry-pick-0e52f00c into releases/3.0

Fix calculation of L2 error in angeli test

See merge request !1411 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 0e52f00c)

c23a82f9 [test][freeflow] Call postTimeStep before timeLoop->advanceTimeStep 6fae9dc3 [test][freeflow] Let angeli problem have time_ and timeStepSize_ instead of timeLoop_. 3c90c74f [test][freeflow] Remove unused function sourceAtPos. d694585f [test][freeflow] Remove function shouldWriteRestartFile. f5959801 [test][freeflow] Move contents of function postTimeStep from problem to main for test angeli. 9bd243b9 [test][freeflow] Move vtk output vectors from problem to main file

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