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WIP Test/nonisothermal

Timo Koch requested to merge test/nonisothermal into master

See !2473 (closed). Based on !2471 (merged)

Shows unphysical temperature gradient. Edit: This is expected. Even for an incompressible fluid viscous dissipation leads to small temperature changes. However, this term is not correctly implemented (see #1256 (closed))


  • See if we can get a better solution by adding \vec{v}\cdot\nabla p in the energy balance somehow Edit: adding this term leads to ignoring viscous dissipation. But does not correct the original mistake in the implementation (see #1256 (closed))

For incompressible fluids we have at least two options: * Assemble internal energy fluxes instead of enthalpy fluxes, the volume work term disappears (not generic) * Add the missing term and keep assembling enthalpy fluxes The solution is to include the gravity contribution (see #1256 (closed))

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