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Draft: Feature/gridvar based assembly

Dennis Gläser requested to merge feature/gridvar-based-assembly into master

An attempt to add the minimum changes necessary to support grid-vars-based assembly with the new grid variables interface (i.e. not carrying prevGridVars, but representing one state of the solution)...

Adds a helper class to detect if the given grid vars have the "new interface" (detecting gridVars.volVars()), which is used in several places to alter the behaviour of certain classes. For instance, the LocalAssembler is changed to operate as such:

LocalAssembler localAssembler{..., gridVariables};

instead of the current

LocalAssembler localAssembler{..., curSol};
localAssembler.assemble(matrix, gridVars);  // gridVars must actually fit to curSol :/

This implementation actually does not make use of the localView concept of grid variables, in order not to have to touch all the interfaces. As mentioned, the idea was to do the minimum necessary to enable gridvars-based-assembly.

Supersedes !3570, which should be closed in case we prefer this.

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