Merge branch 'fix/tabulated-component-multithreading' into 'master'

Refactor tabulated component for multithreading

Closes #1189

See merge request !3321

(cherry picked from commit f7a90b13)

8ace8f1d [component] Pass const l-value references to parallelFor
2b34ccec [tabulatedcomp] Cleanup
b03f466d [tabulatedcomp] Use const& instead of && to receive member function
fd7767d3 [tabcomp] Unify checks
947309a4 [tabulatedcomponent] Capture by value in lambda functions
ae5b06cb [tabulatedcomponent] avoid explicit if/else
b6f92d58 [tabulatedcomponent] use epsilon for float comparison
3c910454 [tabulatedcomponent] Use singleton for data
b03fa10f [tabulatedcomponent][bugfix] Clamp index to allowed range
d7b8d6ac [h2o] Use Brent's method for fluid pressure
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