Commit 2bd6a660 authored by Martin Schneider's avatar Martin Schneider

[install] Update opm installation output

parent 2541ce80
......@@ -308,9 +308,12 @@ installOPM()
# show additional information
echo "In addition, it might be necessary to set manually some"
echo "CMake variables in the CMAKE_FLAGS section of the .opts-file:"
echo " -DOPM_COMMON_ROOT=/path/to/opm-common \\"
echo " -Decl_DIR=/path/to/libecl/build \\"
echo " -DUSE_MPI=ON \\"
echo " -Decl_DIR=$TOPDIR/libecl/build"
echo " -DUSE_MPI=ON"
# show some opm prerequisites
echo "Maybe you also have to install the following packages (see the opm prerequisites at "
echo " BLAS, LAPACK, Boost, SuperLU, SuiteSparse"
......@@ -435,7 +438,7 @@ usage()
echo " multidomain Download dune-multidomain."
echo " multidomaingrid Download and patch dune-multidomaingrid."
echo " nlopt Download and install nlopt."
echo " opm Download opm modules required for dune-cornerpoint."
echo " opm Download opm modules required for cornerpoint grids."
echo " pdelab Download dune-pdelab."
echo " typetree Download dune-typetree."
echo " ug Install the UG grid library."
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