Commit 43b68084 authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch

Merge branch 'cherry-pick-e8d7adb8' into 'releases/3.0'

Merge branch 'fix/md-boxlocalassembler-duplicate-bind' into 'master'

See merge request !1479
parents 1457550b 1961a884
......@@ -265,7 +265,6 @@ public:
void bindLocalViews()
// get some references for convenience
auto& couplingManager = this->couplingManager();
const auto& element = this->element();
const auto& curSol = this->curSol()[domainId];
auto&& fvGeometry = this->fvGeometry();
......@@ -276,10 +275,6 @@ public:
couplingManager_.bindCouplingContext(domainId, element, this->assembler());
// bind the caches
couplingManager.bindCouplingContext(domainId, element, this->assembler());
if (implicit)
curElemVolVars.bind(element, fvGeometry, curSol);
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