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    • Merge branch 'feature/partial-reassembly' into 'master' · 8d3a7fb9
      [assembly][newton] reimplement partial reassembly
      Closes #379
      See merge request !796
      Timo Koch authored
    • [assembly][newton] reimplement partial reassembly · 93bf19c1
      Transfer the partial reassembly functionality to the current
      The `NewtonSolver` is responsible for the partial reassembly.
      It owns a `unique_ptr` to an object of a new class
      `PartialReassembler` which is invoked in the constructor as well as
      in the methods `solve`, `newtonUpdate` and `assembleLinearSystem`.
      The `PartialReassembler` object is created only if the parameter
      `Newton.EnablePartialReassembly` is set to true.
      After each Newton iteration, the `PartialReassembler` colors the
      geometrical degrees of freedom depending on the shift of the
      primary variables from the last time that the derivatives have been
      calculated. This shift is updated by the function
      `updateDistanceFromLastLinearization_` of the `NewtonSolver` and
      passed to the function `computeColors` of the `PartialReassembler`
      for the actual coloring. For green-colored entities, the entries in
      the Jacobian are kept, while for the other entities, they are
      Use an enum class `EntityColor` for the coloring, enable read
      access to the color of an entity via the `PartialReassembler`.
      Pass a pointer to the `PartialReassembler` when calling the routine
      `assembleJacobianAndResidual` of the `Assembler`. Use SFINAE and
      `enable_if` so that only assemblers accepting the additional
      argument are invoked. The correspnding local assemblers have to be
      adapted such that no calculations are performed for green elements.
      Implement the functionality for Box, TPFA and MPFA; adapt the
      `FVAssembler` as well as the `Box`/`CCLocalAssembler`
      The `PartialReassembler` throws if constructed with a discretization
      method equal to None or Staggered. All `BoxLocalAssembler`s apart
      from the implicit numeric one throw if called with a non-nullptr
      to a `PartialReassembler`.
      Allow for a default `nullptr` parameter to the assembly functions
      that take a `PartialReassembler`. This requires a new class
      `DefaultPartialReassembler` to be passed as a default template
      parameter for these functions. This makes it possible to use the
      functions `assembleJacobianAndResidual` of the global and local
      assemblers as before without the additional argument.
      Allow to set the thresholds and the weight for the calculation of
      the effective reassembly threshold as parameters. Try to explain
      the corresponding formula in a comment.
      Use the functionality in the two-phase incompressible tests.
      Bernd Flemisch authored
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