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......@@ -107,10 +107,17 @@ Please note that the following requirements need to be installed:
Frackit requires the [OpenCascade][2] library to be installed on your system.
You can download the source code [HERE][2],
and details on the installation can be found [HERE][10].
Please note that [OpenCascade][2] requires further 3rd party libraries, of which
Please note that [OpenCascade][2] requires further 3rd party products, of which
the mandatory ones are Tcl/Tk and FreeType (see this [link][11]).
On Linux systems, both of these can be installed from the command line using the
package manager. For more details, see [HERE][11].
Note that on Linux systems, the Tcl/Tk libraries can be installed from the command
line. For instance, if you use Ubuntu, you can install (version 8.6) by writing
sudo apt-get libtk8.6
sudo apt-get libtcl8.6
in a terminal. For more details on how to install them from the sources, see [HERE][11].
### Building Frackit under Linux
After [OpenCascade][2] and the other requirements listed above have been installed,
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