Commit 0eecec25 authored by Dennis Gläser's avatar Dennis Gläser
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[python][point] implement type deduction from args

parent e6b692c5
from ._geometry import *
# Construct an n-dimensional point
def Point(*args, **kwargs):
numArgs = len(args) + len(kwargs)
if numArgs == 0:
raise Exception("Arguments needed for point construction. For default-" + \
"constructible points use the dimension-specific " + \
"implementations Point_1, Point_2 or Point_3");
# single argument construction
if numArgs == 1:
# construction from a list
if isinstance(args[0], list):
if len(args[0]) == 1: return Point_1(*args, **kwargs)
elif len(args[0]) == 2: return Point_2(*args, **kwargs)
else: return Point_3(*args, **kwargs)
# construction from a single (hopefully) scalar
else: return Point_1(*args, **kwargs)
# select point type from the number of arguments
if numArgs == 2: return Point_2(*args, **kwargs)
else: return Point_3(*args, **kwargs)
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