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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
// standard tolerances for floating point comparison
// Standard tolerances for floating point comparison in OpenCascade
#include <Precision.hxx>
namespace Frackit {
......@@ -18,7 +18,12 @@
* \file
* \brief \todo TODO Doc me.
* \brief Class to randomly generate disks in three-
* dimensional space. Generation is done on the
* basis of probability distribution functions
* provided among construction. The type of
* distribution function used in the sampler
* class can be defined by passing a traits class.
......@@ -40,16 +45,41 @@ namespace Frackit {
template<class ctype>
struct DefaultSamplerTraits<Disk<ctype>>
// Distribution used for the major axis length
using MajorAxisLengthDistribution = std::normal_distribution<ctype>;
// Distribution used for the minor axis length
using MinorAxisLengthDistribution = std::normal_distribution<ctype>;
// The following distribution determine the rotation angles
// around the x-, y- and z- axis that have to be performed
// subsequently (!) to rotate the standard basis of R^3 into the
// disk local basis. The disk local basis is defined such that
// the major axis is the first basis vector, the minor axis
// the second basis vector and the normal vector the third.
// We chose this approach as these three parameters can be
// sampled independently, while the major/minor/normal axes
// cannot be chosen independently.
using XAngleDistribution = std::normal_distribution<ctype>;
using YAngleDistribution = std::normal_distribution<ctype>;
using ZAngleDistribution = std::normal_distribution<ctype>;
* \brief Geometry sampler for disks
* \brief Geometry sampler for disks.
* The disks are generated by sampling from provided
* distributions for:
* - major axis length
* - minor axis length
* - rotation angle of standard basis around x-axis
* - rotation angle of standard basis around y-axis
* - rotation angle of standard basis around z-axis
* The rotation angles are used to define the local basis
* of the disk, composed of major axis, minor axis and normal.
* The angles state around which angles the standard basis of R^3
* has to be rotated around the x-, y- and the z-axis (subsequently!)
* for it to describe the disk-local basis. This approach was chosen
* since independent sampling of the axis vectors is not possible
* due to the requirement that they must form an orthonormal basis.
template< class ctype, class T >
class GeometrySampler< Disk<ctype>, T >
......@@ -72,7 +102,14 @@ public:
using Traits = T;
* \brief \todo TODO Doc me.
* \brief Constructor.
* \param majAxis Distribution used to sample major axis lengths
* \param minAxis Distribution used to sample minor axis lengths
* \param xAngle Distribution used to sample the angle of rotation around x-axis
* \param yAngle Distribution used to sample the angle of rotation around y-axis
* \param zAngle Distribution used to sample the angle of rotation around z-axis
* \note For more info on the meaning of the rotation angles, see the description
* of this class.
GeometrySampler(const MajorAxisLengthDistribution& majAxis,
const MinorAxisLengthDistribution& minAxis,
......@@ -18,7 +18,13 @@
* \file
* \brief \todo TODO Doc me.
* \brief Forward declaration of sampler classes used to
* randomly generate geometries. The sampler class
* is specialized for different geometries, and the
* required probability distribution functions are
* injected via corresponding traits classes.
* A default traits class should be provided by each
* sampler implementation.
......@@ -34,6 +40,7 @@ struct GeometrySampler;
} // end namespace Frackit
// implementations of the sampler classes
#include "disksampler.hh"
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