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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Coupling to [DuMuX][0]
Frackit also features output routines to [Gmsh][1] file format (.geo), where mesh
size specifications can be defined upon fracture network generation. This allows
for the generation of computational meshes using [Gmsh][1], which are supported
by the open-source simulator for flow and transport in porous media [DuMuX][0].
by the open-source simulator [DuMuX][0] for flow and transport in porous media.
The .geo files produced by Frackit lead to three-dimensional meshes that are aligned
with the fracture geometries such that the element faces coincide with the fractures,
which can be directly plugged into the [DuMuX][0] module for discrete fracture-matrix
......@@ -32,13 +32,13 @@ can be found in [example 3][4] of this repository.
General Concept
### Step 1: sampling
### Geometry Sampling
The generation of the fracture networks occurs by randomly sampling instances of the
desired fracture geometry on the basis of probability distribution functions, which
can be defined by the user. The implementation allows for both selecting the type of
distribution (uniform, exponential, etc.) as well as the distribution parameters.
### Step 2: checking constraints
### Constraints Evaluation
After the generation of a new candidate for a fracture, a number of constraints can
be evaluated for it. These can be used to enforce topological characteristics of the
fracture network, e.g. fracture spacing, by defining a minimum distance between entities.
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ minimum intersection angle, and a minimum distance of the intersection geometry
of the intersecting entities. If the user-defined constraints are not fulfilled, the candidate
is rejected.
### Step 3: fragmentation of the network
### Fragmentation of the network
After the desired number of fracture entities have been generated, an __EntityNetwork__
can be constructed from the raw entities. This intersects and fragments all entities, and
if desired, one can confine the network to a domain of choice.
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