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......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ modules that are not needed, set the corresponding cmake variables
for the configuration step of [OpenCASCADE][2]. For instance, after you downloaded the
......@@ -221,30 +221,12 @@ cmake ../
If cmake cannot find your installation of [OpenCASCADE][2], you probably installed it
into a non-standard location. In this case, you can define __HINTS__ for cmake to search
for it. In particular, you would have to change the line
into a non-standard location. In this case, tell cmake your installation folder by
setting the variable `OCC_INSTALL_DIR`:
find_path(OCC_INC "Standard_Version.hxx" PATH_SUFFIXES opencascade include/opencascade)
find_path(OCC_INC "Standard_Version.hxx" HINTS MY_OCC_INCLUDE_FOLDER)
in the _CMakeLists.txt_ file of the top folder of Frackit, substituting
MY_OCC_INCLUDE_FOLDER with the path to the source files of [OpenCASCADE][2]
on your system. The same has to be done for the required packages of
[OpenCASCADE][2], i.e. in the line
find_library(OCC_LIB ${OCC}
you can define HINTS for cmake to find your installation folder of [OpenCASCADE][2].
Once cmake finished successfully, you could now compile the class documentation:
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