Commit 6cfe1288 authored by Dennis Gläser's avatar Dennis Gläser
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[python][common] register rotate function

parent 479751a8
...@@ -20,15 +20,30 @@ ...@@ -20,15 +20,30 @@
#include <pybind11/pybind11.h> #include <pybind11/pybind11.h>
#include <pybind11/stl.h>
#include <frackit/geometry/vector.hh>
#include <frackit/geometry/direction.hh>
#include <frackit/common/math.hh> #include <frackit/common/math.hh>
namespace Frackit::Python { namespace Frackit::Python {
namespace py = pybind11;
template<class ctype> template<class ctype>
void registerMath(pybind11::module& module) void registerMath(py::module& module)
{ {
module.def("toDegrees", &Frackit::toDegrees<double>, "Converts radians into degrees"); module.def("toDegrees", &Frackit::toDegrees<ctype>, "Converts radians into degrees");
module.def("toRadians", &Frackit::toRadians<double>, "Converts degrees into radians"); module.def("toRadians", &Frackit::toRadians<ctype>, "Converts degrees into radians");
// Register rotation overload for single vector
using namespace py::literals;
using Vector_3 = Vector<ctype, 3>;
using Direction_3 = Direction<ctype, 3>;
py::overload_cast<Vector_3&, const Direction_3&, ctype>(&rotate<ctype>),
"Rotates a vector around the given axis & angle",
"vector"_a, "axis"_a, "angle"_a);
} }
} // end namespace Frackit::Python } // end namespace Frackit::Python
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