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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
* \file
* \brief Contains functionality for computing the
* area of two-dimensional geometries.
* areas of two-dimensional geometries.
......@@ -31,17 +31,26 @@
#include <BRepGProp.hxx>
#include <GProp_GProps.hxx>
#include <frackit/geometry/disk.hh>
#include <frackit/geometry/cylindersurface.hh>
#include <frackit/precision/precision.hh>
namespace Frackit {
//! \todo TODO doc me.
* \brief Returns the area of an internal geometry
* that has an area() function available.
template<class Geometry>
typename Geometry::ctype computeArea(const Geometry& geometry)
{ return geometry.area(); }
* \brief Returns the area of a TopoDS_Face.
* \param face The face
* \param eps Tolerance value to be used
* \param loc A location; defaults to the origin, however,
* higher precision is achieved if a point close
* to the actual face is chosen.
template<class ctype = double>
ctype computeArea(const TopoDS_Face& face,
ctype eps = Precision<ctype>::confusion(),
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