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[python][sampling] add box point sampler allowing for custom distros

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from ._sampling import *
class BoxPointSampler:
"""Class to sample random points within a box."""
def __init__(self, samplerX, samplerY, samplerZ):
"""Create the sampler from random variable samplers for the coordinate directions."""
self.samplerX = samplerX
self.samplerY = samplerY
self.samplerZ = samplerZ
def sample(self):
x = self.samplerX()
y = self.samplerY()
z = self.samplerZ()
from frackit.geometry import Point_3
return Point_3(x, y, z)
# creator for a uniform sampler within an interval
def uniformIntervalSamplerCreator():
def makeSampler(min, max):
import random
def doSample():
return random.uniform(min, max)
return doSample
return makeSampler
def makeBoxPointSampler(box,
"""Creates a BoxPointSampler using the provided creators for samplers on intervals.
The creators default to uniform interval sampler creators if nothing is specified."""
# make samplers
samplerX = samplerCreatorX(box.xMin(), box.xMax())
samplerY = samplerCreatorY(box.yMin(), box.yMax())
samplerZ = samplerCreatorZ(box.zMin(), box.zMax())
return BoxPointSampler(samplerX, samplerY, samplerZ)
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