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[paper] link to examples in repo

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......@@ -69,8 +69,7 @@ which is an open-source mesh generator that is widely used in academic
research (see e.g. @keilegavlen2017; @berge2019). Moreover, Python bindings are
available that allow for using almost all of the functionality of ``Frackit`` from Python.
While the code snippets shown in this work focus on the implementation in C++,
examples using Python can be found in the ``Frackit`` repository at
[examples][6] using Python can be found in the ``Frackit`` repository.
The geometric data produced by ``Frackit`` contains the complete fragmentation
of all geometric entities involved, i.e. the intersection geometries between
......@@ -341,3 +340,4 @@ for supporting this work by funding SFB 1313, Project Number 327154368.
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