Commit e6550adf authored by Dennis Gläser's avatar Dennis Gläser
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[python][constraints] register overloads with polygons

parent 1f801483
......@@ -92,19 +92,28 @@ namespace Detail {
// types for which this ought to be able to evaluate
using Disk = Frackit::Disk<ctype>;
using Quad_3 = Frackit::Quadrilateral<ctype, 3>;
using Poly_3 = Frackit::Polygon<ctype, 3>;
using Face = FaceWrapper;
registerBinaryEvaluator<Disk, Disk>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Disk, Quad_3>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Disk, Poly_3>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Disk, Face>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Quad_3, Quad_3>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Quad_3, Poly_3>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Quad_3, Disk>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Quad_3, Face>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Poly_3, Poly_3>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Poly_3, Quad_3>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Poly_3, Disk>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Poly_3, Face>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Face, Face>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Face, Disk>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Face, Quad_3>(cls);
registerBinaryEvaluator<Face, Poly_3>(cls);
} // end namespace Detail
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