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[python][sampling] add quad sampler

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...@@ -199,3 +199,68 @@ class DiskSampler: ...@@ -199,3 +199,68 @@ class DiskSampler:
a, b) a, b)
from frackit.geometry import Disk from frackit.geometry import Disk
return Disk(ellipse) return Disk(ellipse)
class QuadrilateralSampler:
"""Class to randomly sample quadrilaterals in 3d space."""
from frackit.precision import Precision
def __init__(self, pointSampler, strikeAngleSampler, dipAngleSampler, edgeLengthSampler, minEdgeLength = Precision.confusion):
Create the sampler from random variable samplers for the geometric properties.
pointSampler: sampler for points to be used as the qudrilateral centers
strikeAngleSampler: samples from a distribution for the strike angle
dipAngleSampler: samples from a distribution for the dip angle
edgeLengthSampler: samples from distribution the edge length
minEdgeLength: defines a minimum edge length that should not be undershot
self.pointSampler = pointSampler
self.strikeAngleSampler = strikeAngleSampler
self.dipAngleSampler = dipAngleSampler
self.edgeLengthSampler = edgeLengthSampler
self.minEdgeLength = minEdgeLength
def sample(self):
strike = self.strikeAngleSampler()
dip = self.dipAngleSampler()
# get the basis of the plane within the x-y-plane by
# rotation around the z-axis with the strike angle and
# rotation of the resulting first axis around the second by dip angle
from frackit.geometry import Vector_3
axes = [Vector_3(1.0, 0.0, 0.0), Vector_3(0.0, 1.0, 0.0)]
from frackit.geometry import Direction_3
from frackit.common import rotate
rotate(axes[0], Direction_3(Vector_3(0.0, 0.0, 1.0)), strike);
rotate(axes[1], Direction_3(Vector_3(0.0, 0.0, 1.0)), strike);
rotate(axes[0], Direction_3(axes[1]), dip);
# sample edge lengths until all are admissible
dx1 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
dx2 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
dy1 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
dy2 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
while (dx1 < self.minEdgeLength): dx1 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
while (dx2 < self.minEdgeLength): dx2 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
while (dy1 < self.minEdgeLength): dy1 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
while (dy2 < self.minEdgeLength): dy2 = self.edgeLengthSampler()
from copy import deepcopy
dxVec1 = Vector_3(deepcopy(axes[0].x()), deepcopy(axes[0].y()), deepcopy(axes[0].z())); dxVec1 *= dx1/2.0
dxVec2 = Vector_3(deepcopy(axes[0].x()), deepcopy(axes[0].y()), deepcopy(axes[0].z())); dxVec2 *= dx2/2.0
dyVec1 = Vector_3(deepcopy(axes[1].x()), deepcopy(axes[1].y()), deepcopy(axes[1].z())); dyVec1 *= dy1/2.0
dyVec2 = Vector_3(deepcopy(axes[1].x()), deepcopy(axes[1].y()), deepcopy(axes[1].z())); dyVec2 *= dy2/2.0
# compute corner points
c = self.pointSampler.sample()
from frackit.geometry import Point_3
c1 = Point_3(deepcopy(c.x()), deepcopy(c.y()), deepcopy(c.z())); c1 -= dxVec1; c1 -= dyVec1
c2 = Point_3(deepcopy(c.x()), deepcopy(c.y()), deepcopy(c.z())); c2 += dxVec1; c2 -= dyVec2
c3 = Point_3(deepcopy(c.x()), deepcopy(c.y()), deepcopy(c.z())); c3 -= dxVec2; c3 += dyVec1
c4 = Point_3(deepcopy(c.x()), deepcopy(c.y()), deepcopy(c.z())); c4 += dxVec2; c4 += dyVec2
from frackit.geometry import Quadrilateral_3
return Quadrilateral_3(c1, c2, c3, c4);
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