1. 09 Dec, 2020 4 commits
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      [entitynetwork] restructure networks and builders · 68b219a9
      Dennis Gläser authored
      Instead of storing both a list and a map, we now only store maps of
      entity/subdomain fragments -> unique identifiers in order to reduce the
      memory overhead. Moreover, the public interface of the entity networks
      is changed such that one can no longer get fragments of a sub-domain
      with a specific id as the overall map already contains this information.
      This can be added in the future as an external function to extract data
      of a specific subdomain from the network. The builder classes are also
      restructured to no longer store unneccesary data. Only the public
      interfaces of entity networks have changed, and due to the small
      user-base, and as that interface is currently only used internally by
      the writer (which has been modified), we don't guarantee backwards
      compatibility here.
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      [common][id] add inequality check · 596294a1
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      [occ] rename common edges function · 537bc8e3
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