v1.2 release

Differences between Frackit 1.2 and Frackit 1.1

Improvements and Enhancements

  • The GmshWriter class now allows setting the mesh sizes for individual entities, subdomains, intersections or intersection junctions of the network.
  • The EntityNetwork class has been revised and now allows for iteration over all fragments of the network. Moreover, mappings are provided to retrieve back the primary identifier of the entities to which the fragments belong.
  • An implementation of Sphere has been added to the classes of available geometries
  • Three-dimensional Polygon class has been implemented
  • A sampler class for 3d polygons, PolygonSampler, has been added
  • The QuadrilateralSampler class now internally uses PolygonSampler, leading to more variance in the output geometries

Deprecated classes to be removed after 1.3

  • Since QuadrilateralSampler is now a special case of the more generic PolygonSampler, the constructor and underlying parameter distributions have been changed. The old constructor/behaviour is still supported, although throwing a deprecation warning. Note that in case you were using QuadrilateralSampler with your own custom traits class, your code might not be compatible. Backwards compatibility could only be achieved for usage with the default traits.