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Fix CI and improve compatibility with DuMuX 3.4

Alexander Jaust requested to merge update-ci-to-use-precice-2.2.1 into develop

This fixes the pipeline via the following changes:

  • I added a new Docker recipe to build an image using DuMuX master and preCICE 2.2.1.
  • Add image that uses DuMuX 3.4 and preCICE 2.2.1
  • Make sure there are tests/images for
    • DuMuX 3.3
    • DuMuX 3.4
    • DuMuX master
  • The adapter has been updated to preCICE v2, but there were still images using preCICE 1.6.1 used in the pipeline.

This fixes #17 (closed) and #22 (closed) .

Edited by Alexander Jaust

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