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Update to preCICE v2

Alexander Jaust requested to merge feature/update-to-preCICE-2.0 into develop

This will update the package to the new API of preCICE v1 and will drop support for preCICE v2.

Current issues:

  • preCICE has many new checks for sensible data. Especially small values (as the velocities in the tests) are a problem. That makes it impossible for me to reproduce the results obtained by preCICE 1.6.X
    • Check how if there is a way to force preCICE to accept smaller values
    • If it is not possible to reproduce old results, we need to adapt the test cases/reference solutions.
      • We have updated the tests to create larger flow velocities. This should ensure compatibility of the reference solutions across preCICE v1 and preCICE v2. See also !10 (merged) and !11 (merged).

Closes #15 (closed)

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