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......@@ -9,9 +9,11 @@ This repository contains the source code to run the benchmark cases defined in
with the numerical schemes available in _DuMu<sup>x</sup>_. In particular, the results for the schemes "USTUTT_TPFA_CIRC" and "USTUTT_MPFA" as shown in the results paper
>__Berre et al. (2020)__, TODO: AUTHORS<br>
>__Berre I., Wietse B., Flemisch B., Fumagalli A., Gläser D., Keilegavlen E., Scotti A., Stefansson I., Tatomir A.,
Brenner K., Burbulla S., Devloo P., Duran O., Favino M., Hennicker J., Lee I., Lipnikov K., Masson R., Mosthaf K., Giuseppina M., Nestola C., Ni C.,
Nikitin K., Scḧadle P., Svyatsi D., Yanbaris R., Zulian P. (2020)__<br>
> _Verification benchmarks for single-phase flow in three-dimensional fractured porous media_.<br>
> to be submitted
can be reproduced with the code provided in this repository.
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