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[material] some improvements

Dennis Gläser requested to merge feature/update-material-slides into master

@tufan, @leonidas, @RoWin, I went over the material slides (I think you made them?) and propose a few changes with this merge request. In particular, I removed all ocurrences of <ins>, which you used to highlight certain passages, I think? But at least on my browser it rendered very weird, so I would rather remove that.

Also, I changed the section flow which was in the form of (exemplarily for FluidSystem)

Material System: FluidSystem -> FluidSystem (+image) -> What it does: expresses ...


FluidSystems -> FluidSystems expresses ... (image)

which I think is more concise and gets rid of some slides without content.

Could you have a critical look at this and merge if you agree? And/or change whatever you think is critical. I'll add a few comments in the diff to parts that require special attention.

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