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Merge branch 'feature/exercise-new-model' into 'master'

Hamza Oukili requested to merge cherry-pick-c565de0e into releases/3.7

Feature/exercise new model

See merge request !142 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit c565de0e)

41ee00cc [exmodel] Add denoising mri gif 0aa57bfe [exmodel] Exercise description ae2dec02 [exmodel] MRI image data eb1b56c9 [exmodel] Problem setup 8b1d4b35 [exmodel] Solution 829142b0 [examples] Remove useless target (use build_tests) e10ae8cd [exercise][model] Make compile 47d45b01 [exercise][model] Some improvements 8b9dd0cc [exercise][mode][readme] Update description 0334fa78 [exercise][model] Simplify tasks

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