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Merge branch 'feature/biomin-exercise-improvements' into 'master'

Hamza Oukili requested to merge cherry-pick-b73175f4 into releases/3.7

Improvements to the biomineralization exercise for the upcoming course

See merge request !137 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit b73175f4)

0459c61e [biomin] Define tEnd as InjBioTime + InjCO2Time 3cc91c24 [Biomin] add task: change permeability law 38bce3da [Biomin] use SimpleCO2 component and add task to switch to CO2Tables 3e2c85d2 [Biomin] use defaultCO2table.hh from dumux 298725d4 [exercise biomin] Readme: add discussion of simplified reaction rate in chemistry c67a54a3 [biomin] corrections and test co2 injection

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