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Towards a more consistent DUMUX course for version 3.1

All issues that came up during the dumux course in Tunis or which I noticed:

  • exercises-properties: A "TODO" component might be added in neumann() to be consistent with other exercises

  • exercises-runtimeparams: update The default input file is now params.input, not "executablename.input", or more correctly, both are working by default.

  • exercise-coupling-ff-pm general: Many of the files do not contain "TODO" comments where changes need to be made in the fashion of the other exercises.

  • exercise-coupling-ff-pm (a: interface and b,c): warning about neumannFlux being deprecated, probably should be updated.

  • exercise-coupling-ff-pm interface: I guess that the tasks in the should include removing the initial velocity field in initialAtPos().

  • exercise-coupling-ff-pm (b: models): the 2p2c model's indices.hh is referenced in the However, this does not seem to exist.

  • exercise-biomineralization: The line numbers in do not match the current code. eps_ is added both for the upper and lower injection area boundary. A comment in should be added that NH4 is ignored in the simplified biomineralization model and thus also the chemistry.

  • general comment: there is always the "property macro deprecation warning" when compiling any of the course exercises. Are the exercises free of the property macros?

  • general comment: The names of the exercises' executables could be more consistent, e.g.: ex_coupling_* vs exercisebiomin

  • general comment: deprecation warnings for gravity

Resolves #21 (closed)

Edited by Katharina Heck

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