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[ci] Add gitlab-ci.yml to enable ci

Simon Emmert requested to merge feature/test-ci into master


  1. Precompile docker container without dumux or dumux-lecture (the modules you want to test)
  2. Globally define link to dunecontrol
  3. Start first stage (build) with script to build dumux/dumux-lecture. Copy/Link/Move files to /builds/* as artifacts can apparently only be copied from within local "gitlab-dir"
  4. Start second stage (test) with dependency on (build). Dependency enforces the unpacking of previously defined artifacts. (this is not working yet)

left todos

  • nicer call of scripts
  • update to only test dumux-lecture in lecture maybe dumux + lecture for dumux
  • enable artifacts (nicer way of caching) pass between stages
  • check timing (docker container seems fine, cache pre-build status?)
  • check disk-space on behandla and cpus for pipelines
  • unify buildbot and CI docker images?
  • use other docker image than phusion?
  • ...
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