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......@@ -138,14 +138,6 @@ on the Dune grid interface, act similar.
% $ path -p0 -R < ../dumux/patches/grid-2.3.1.patch
% \end{lstlisting}
\paragraph{Hints for \Dumux-Developers}
If you also want to actively participate in the development of \Dumux, you can allways send patches
to the Mailing list.
To get more involved, you can apply either for full developer
access or for developer access on certain parts of \Dumux. Granted developer access means that
you are allowed to commit own code and that you can access the \texttt{dumux-devel} module.
This enhances \texttt{dumux} by providing maybe unstable code from the developer group.
\section{Build of \Dune and \Dumux}
Configuring \Dune and \Dumux is done by the shell-command \texttt{dunecontrol} which is part of the \Dune build system.
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