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[bin] remove and deprecate and

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echo "DeprecationWarning: This script will be removed after 3.5!!!"
echo "Use instead"
# 1. obtain a list new_parameters.csv of all current parameters
# retrieve all occurrences of GET_PARAM and GET_RUNTIME_PARAM
find dumux/ -name '*.[ch][ch]' -exec awk '/getParam</,/;/' {} \; >new_parameters.csv
#! /bin/bash
if [ $# -eq 0 ]
echo "No arguments supplied."
echo "Usage: bash ./ file1 [file2 ...]"
for TMP in $@; do
echo "File: $TMP"
sed -i \
s/typename[ ]*GET_PROP_TYPE[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))::/typename GetPropType<\1, Properties::\2>::/g;
s/typename[ ]*GET_PROP_TYPE[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))/GetPropType<\1, Properties::\2>/g;
s/GET_PROP_TYPE[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))/GetPropType<\1, Properties::\2>/g;
s/NEW_TYPE_TAG[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*INHERITS_FROM[ ]*(\([^)]*\)).*/struct TTag::\1 { using InheritsFrom = std::tuple<\2>; };/g;
s/using InheritsFrom = std::tuple<\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^>]*\)>/using InheritsFrom = std::tuple<\2, \1>/g;
" \
gawk -i inplace '/struct TTag::/ && !x {print "// Create new type tags\nnamespace TTag {"; x=1} 1' $TMP
gawk -i inplace '/struct TTag::/{seen++} seen && !/struct TTag::/{print "} // end namespace TTag"; seen=0} 1' $TMP
sed -i \
s/struct TTag::/struct /g;
s/GET_PROP_VALUE[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))/getPropValue<\1, Properties::\2>()/g;
s/SET_BOOL_PROP[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))/template<class TypeTag>\nstruct \2<TypeTag, TTag::\1> { static constexpr bool value = \3; }/g;
s/SET_INT_PROP[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))/template<class TypeTag>\nstruct \2<TypeTag, TTag::\1> { static constexpr int value = \3; }/g;
s/SET_TYPE_PROP[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))/template<class TypeTag>\nstruct \2<TypeTag, TTag::\1> { using type = \3; }/g;
s/SET_PROP[ ]*(\([^,]*\),[ ]*\([^)]*\))/template<class TypeTag>\nstruct \2<TypeTag, TTag::\1>/g;
s/NEW_PROP_TAG[ ]*(\([^)]*\))/template<class TypeTag, class MyTypeTag>\nstruct \1 { using type = UndefinedProperty; }/g;
s/TTAG[ ]*(\([^)]*\))/Properties::TTag::\1/g;
" \
echo "Property macros have been removed."
echo "Manual tweaking might be necessary, especially if"
echo ""
echo "- NEW_TYPE_TAG uses have not been one line after another. In this case,"
echo " . remove superfluous lines \"} // end namespace TTag\" and/or"
echo " . add additional lines \"namespace TTag {\"."
echo ""
echo "- Usages of SET_TYPE_PROP or other macros extend over more than one line."
echo " In this case, replace the usages manually."
echo ""
echo "- Macros have been used outside of the namespace Dumux and without a"
echo " corresponding alias. In this case, prepend things with a \"Dumux::\"."
# Test to see if the download and configuration worked properly
cd DUMUX/dumux/build-cmake/test/porousmediumflow/1p/isothermal
echo "DeprecationWarning: This script will be removed after 3.5!!!"
echo "The commands can be found in the handbook and are printed after installation"
echo "via"
cd dumux/dumux/build-cmake/test/porousmediumflow/1p/isothermal
make test_1p_tpfa
./test_1p_tpfa params.input
paraview *pvd
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