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......@@ -115,9 +115,8 @@ Universit\"at Stuttgart, Paffenwaldring 61, D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany}\\
In this chapter we provide a quick start guide to
your first \Dumux experience, including an install script with all necessary instructions
on how to very quickly install the latest release version of \Dumux.
You should have a recent working Linux environment and no \Dune core modules should be installed.
If you need more information or
have \Dune already installed, please have a look at the detailed installation
You should have a recent working Linux environment.
If you need more information, please have a look at the detailed installation
instructions in the next chapter \ref{detailed-install}.
......@@ -28,9 +28,9 @@ will compile and run a simple one-phase ground water flow example and will visua
The test script can be obtained by copying the following lines into a text file named \texttt{test\}
that has to be located in the same directory as the installation script.
cd DUMUX/dumux/build-cmake/test/porousmediumflow/1p/implicit/stationary
make -B test_1p_compressible_stationary_tpfa
./test_1p_compressible_stationary_tpfa params.input
cd DUMUX/dumux/build-cmake/test/porousmediumflow/1p/implicit/isothermal
make -B test_1p_tpfa
./test_1p_tpfa params.input
paraview *pvd
The script \texttt{test\} can be executed by typing into the terminal: \texttt{./test\}.
\section{Temporal Discretization and Algorithms}
\section{Temporal Discretization and Solution Strategies}
%TODO: Intro sentences
\subsection{Temporal discretization}
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ if the time step size $\Delta t_{k+1}$ is below a certain limit that depends
on the specific balance equation, whereas the implicit method \eqref{eq:impliciteuler}
is unconditionally stable.
\subsection{Algorithms to solve equations}
\subsection{Solution strategies to solve equations}
The governing equations of each model can be solved monolithically or sequentially.
The basic idea of the sequential algorithm is to reformulate the
equations of multi-phase flow into one equation for
......@@ -10,25 +10,11 @@ Make sure to be connected to the internet."
echo "*************************************************"
# the core modules
for MOD in common geometry grid localfunctions istl; do
if [ ! -d "dune-$MOD" ]; then
git clone -b releases/2.6$MOD.git
echo "Skip cloning dune-$MOD because the folder already exists."
cd dune-$MOD
git checkout releases/2.6
cd ..
git clone -b releases/2.6$MOD.git
# dumux
if [ ! -d "dumux" ]; then
git clone -b releases/3.0
echo "Skip cloning dumux because the folder already exists."
cd dumux
git checkout releases/3.0
cd ..
git clone -b releases/3.0
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
echo "*************************************************"
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