Commit 36c56b1c authored by Thomas Fetzer's avatar Thomas Fetzer
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[freeflow] Fix calculation of Neumann boundaries

parent b1474f23
......@@ -300,8 +300,7 @@ protected:
* extrusionFactor * scvf.area();
// treat the remaining (normal) faces of the staggered control volume
FluxVariables fluxVars;
residual += fluxVars.computeLateralMomentumFlux(problem, element, scvf, fvGeometry, elemVolVars, elemFaceVars);
residual += computeFluxForFace(problem, element, scvf, fvGeometry, elemVolVars, elemFaceVars, elemFluxVarsCache);
else if(bcTypes.isSymmetry())
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