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[Somerton] Rename variables, make function const, use math functions

from std::
(reviewed by klaus)

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......@@ -73,18 +73,18 @@ public:
const ElementVolumeVariables &elemVolVars,
const FVElementGeometry &fvGeometry,
const SpatialParams &spatialParams,
const int scvIdx)
const int scvIdx) const
const Scalar lambdaSolid = spatialParams.thermalConductivitySolid(element, fvGeometry, scvIdx);
const Scalar poro = spatialParams.porosity(element, fvGeometry, scvIdx);
const Scalar porosity = spatialParams.porosity(element, fvGeometry, scvIdx);
const Scalar Sw = std::max<Scalar>(0.0, elemVolVars[scvIdx].saturation(wPhaseIdx));
const Scalar lWater = elemVolVars[scvIdx].thermalConductivity(wPhaseIdx);
const Scalar lsat = pow(lambdaSolid, (1-poro)) * pow(lWater, poro);
const Scalar ldry = pow(lambdaSolid, (1-poro));
const Scalar lSat = std::pow(lambdaSolid, (1.0 - porosity)) * std::pow(lWater, porosity);
const Scalar lDry = std::pow(lambdaSolid, (1.0 - porosity));
return ldry + sqrt(Sw) * (ldry - lsat);
return lDry + std::sqrt(Sw) * (lDry - lSat);
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