Commit 3e580f4e authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[staggered] Do not set NumEqVector, it uses the default.

parent 2f490d72
......@@ -44,10 +44,6 @@ namespace Properties
//! Type tag for the staggered scheme specialized for free flow.
NEW_TYPE_TAG(StaggeredFreeFlowModel, INHERITS_FROM(StaggeredModel));
// TODO: Ugly hack. How can this be improved? This is needed, because otherwise the physical model overwrites the properties set here.
// This requires to include the physical model before the discretization, otherwise the type tag FreeFlow is undefined.
UNSET_PROP(FreeFlow, NumEqVector);
* \brief Set the number of equations on the faces to 1. We only consider scalar values because the velocity vector
* is normal to the face.
......@@ -103,12 +99,6 @@ public:
//! The variables living on the faces
SET_TYPE_PROP(StaggeredFreeFlowModel, FaceVariables, StaggeredFaceVariables<TypeTag>);
//! A container class used to specify values for sources and Neumann BCs
SET_PROP(StaggeredFreeFlowModel, NumEqVector)
using type = Dune::FieldVector<typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, Scalar), GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, NumEq)>;
//! Boundary types at a single degree of freedom
SET_PROP(StaggeredFreeFlowModel, BoundaryTypes)
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